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Richard Mille is at best an unlikely watchmaker. The French-born luxury industry executive left his position at French jewelry house Mauboussin and founded his Swiss watch brand in 1999, originally as a collaboration with Audemars Piguet.  In an industry with a deep and storied history, the fledgling business chose to capitalize on the very fact of its own novelty.

Focusing on the ultra high-end luxury watch market, Mille utilizes modern, high-tech materials and cutting edge technology to produce some of the most advanced and innovative timepieces available. Informed by an aesthetic that blends ergonomic exterior design and technical innovation with an architectural command of the watches’ interior design, Mille’s work has helped reshape the industry in the 21st century.

The watches offered by Richard Mille are hand crafted masterpieces, subjected to intense scrutiny throughout their production process. Each component is unique, and though made with the help of technically sophisticated machines to tolerances measured in microns, the work of construction relies on the hands and eyes of the master craftsmen.

In addition to the tremendously complex mechanics of the watch’s interior, its exterior is also finished and polished by hand, by specialists who pursue perfection through patience and studied handwork. 

The men’s collection of watches includes a variety of high-performance timepieces, generally inspired by Richard Mille’s fascination with aviation and automobile racing. Most models are skeletonized to some degree, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail the inner workings receive, and all feature Mille’s signature tonneau, or barrel-shaped cases.

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